Below you can view some frequently asked questions. If you wish to get in touch in relation to any topic not covered below then visit the contact page where you can request a callback or see our contact details.

Will I get wet, do I need to be able to swim?

Yes. There are plenty of water and muck obstacles but nothing deeper than about 4 foot (just above your waist). There are no swimming sections on the course. All of the water challenges have ropes along the side to hold onto and use to pull yourself along.

Will I get cold?

Part of the Rock of Hellcchallenge is overcoming the elements, as well as the obstacles. As mentioned above, you will get wet although we have designed the course to keep you constantly on the move so you shouldn't get too cold!

Where do I park?

There will be car park signs and officals to direct you.

Where can I leave my kit bag?

We have large Male and Female Changing Areas where you can leave your kit bag with a dry change of clothes & towel (strongly recommended!) while you are running. Make sure you leave any valuables in the Secure Valuables Drop as detailed above. Please note that you leave your bag in the Changing Areas at your own risk.

What training should I do?

There is no easy way through The Rock Of Hell but training definitely helps! That being said people of all ages and fitness levels have completed the course in previous years. There is no time limit and there are plenty of fellow runners and marshals to help you along the way.

What time should I arrive?

We ask that all participants arrive at least 45 minutes before their chosen wave time to allow time for parking, sign in etc.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing normal running/ workout clothes, feel free to wear whatever is comfortable for you. Be warned clothes and runners will get wet and mucky ! 

What is the Rock of Hell

The Rock Of Hell is an 8km mud run and obstacle course challenge, featuring man-made and naturally-occurring challenges over a variety of terrain, on courses that vary from. Check out this video below to give you a great understanding of what exactly is involved.



What do I get when I sign in?

On the morning of your event, you must sign in and collected your t-shirt and wristband from the Registration area at the Site Entrance.

What age must I be to take part?

For insurance purposes, you must be over 14 to be allowed participate in The Rock of Hell

Should I carry water?

Not unless it's in a hands-free container. There will be water stations on the course so make sure you take the time to rehydrate at these stops. We also provide water at the Finish Line.

Is there anywhere I can leave my valuables?

At each of our events, we have a free Secure Valuables Drop for your personal valuables (car keys, wallets, phones). Please note that valuables must fit into a small freezer-sizes zip bag.

Is there a car parking charge?

No, parking is free !

Is duct tape allowed?

Yes. Using duct tape to tighten your footwear is permitted.  We also suggest you triple knot your runners - you will be running through lots of muck, which will do its best to suck the runners off your feet!

How much does entry cost ?

Early Bird Prices

Prices will return to normal prices at the beginning of January 

The early bird entry fee for The Rock of Hell is €35 per person.

If you have a group of 4 or more it will be automatically discounted to €30 per person.

For large groups and club rates (over 20 people). Please call 0874605153 for more details. 

We cannot guarantee there will be any availability for on the day registration. If there is availability it will be €45 per person.  

How do I get there ?

If you follow directions to the Tara Rocks Gaa  Club you will find us.

Please follow all directional and carpark signs instructions. 

Do I need to navigate?

No. The course will be clearly marked and marshalled by our event staff...simply follow the arrows.

Can I listen to my music during the event?

No. Muck and electronics don't mix well.

Can I choose my start time?

No, there will be a number of starting waves at 15 minute intervals in each wave. You choose your preferred wave start time when you register for the event.

Can I change my start time?

We will always do what we can to try and get you into another wave. Please note though that, for health and safety reasons, there are a limited number of places in each wave and they are allocated a first come, first served basis so unfortunately we will be unable to fulfil all wave change requests. But email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as early as possible and we will see what we can do to help you out!

Are there showers?

Yes, there is a wash down area to remove heavy muck and there are also hot showers provided free of charge

Are there official photos?

Yes. Our photographers are strategically placed around the course to capture your movements over, under, through and around the various obstacles. We take thousands of photos at The Rock Of Hell and post them all on our Facebook page in the days afterwards.

Are there changing facilities?

Yes, there are separate Male and Female Changing Areas available to change before and after the run. It is strongly recommended that you bring a towel and complete change of warm, dry clothes with you because you may be cold and wet and have a distance to travel back to your car. There will also be a Wash Down Area to rinse the muck off before showering andchanging into your clean clothes.

Marketing Questions

Where can I get more information

Before taking part, call us on 0874605153. On course, ask any of our marshals, who will be delighted to help you out!

Do you have brochures or posters?

If you would like some brochures or posters for one of our upcoming events, drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you a link, allowing you print them off at your own convenience.



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"All funds raised at the Rock of Hell is put towards the great work and development that goes into Tara Rocks GAA Club. We appreciate any help whether in the form of volunteering, event organisation, donations or other."

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